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Shelf Pick: Dark Psychological Horror Drama WILD BONES

Fans of psychological horror should get ready for a wild ride with Wild Bones – the latest film from UK writer-director Jack James (Malady). This manically disorienting, dissociative dance in the vein of genre classics like Repulsion explores the darkest corners of domestic dysfunction and deep trauma, as two sisters attempt to rebuild their relationship amidst a waking nightmare.

Fay (Roxy Bugler) and Alice (Mary Roubos) are sisters with a complicated past, and things only get more complicated when their father disappears. Fay misremembers the cause of his disappearance and allows it to consume her, while Alice reaches out and reveals that they have been left a house by their missing father, now presumed dead.

To inherit their father’s house, Fay must confront Candace – Alice’s biological mother and the woman Fay holds responsible for her past trauma. As the two sisters attempt to rebuild their relationship, they find themselves caught in a web of lies and half-remembered history, unsure of who to trust or what to believe.

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According to James, Wild Bones is about exploring the relationships between people who share the same history but have dramatically different ideas about what actually took place within supposedly shared history. He wanted to investigate culpability, fragmentation of the mind, and manipulation of identity through the idea of others. The film also takes a close look at memory and how it can transform into something beyond reality, taking on a life of its own. James hopes that Wild Bones will provoke discussion and thoughts concerning the impact of families on wellbeing, identity, and what it means to be human.

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Wild Bones will be available on digital and cable platforms in North America, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, iNDemand and DISH, starting March 28th, 2023.