Summer At Charlotte's

Shelf Pick: Summer at Charlotte’s Trailer

A Heartwarming Tale of Love, Friendship, and Self-Discovery

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with romance, nostalgia, and the joy of finding oneself in Summer at Charlotte’s, the feature film debut of IndieCan Entertainment’s Avi Federgreen, available on VOD on July 18th.

The romantic drama follows Summer (Lucy Hill), a woman on the brink of starting a new chapter in her life as she plans her upcoming wedding. Feeling overwhelmed and in need of a break from the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations, she finds solace in her childhood cottage, a place filled with cherished memories. While there, Summer unexpectedly reconnects with Dev (Patch May), a local artist and long-time friend, and her wise and endearing grandmother, Charlotte. As the days unfold, the beauty of cottage country, coupled with the warmth of old friendships, begins to work its magic on Summer’s heart. But amidst the laughter and nostalgia, a deeper emotional dilemma arises.

Watch the trailer for Summer at Charlotte‘s below:

Summer at Charlotte’s is not just a love story; it’s a tale of soul-searching, embracing change, and finding the courage to listen to your heart’s desires. With the picturesque cottage backdrop and an emotionally resonant storyline, the movie promises to be the perfect blend of heartwarming and heartwrenching moments – the perfect movie night at home for a warm summer evening.


The film stars Lucy Hill, Patch May, Jill Frappier, Deborah Lobban, and Ryland Alexander.

Summer At Charlotte's Poster

Summer at Charlotte’s is available on VOD on July 18th.