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Shelf Pick: The Curse of Willow Song Trailer

A Gripping Tale of Redemption and Resilience with a Supernatural Spin

Director Karen Lam’s The Curse of Willow Song is not your typical scary movie. It’s a powerful journey through the trials and tribulations of a woman determined to rebuild her life against all odds, set against an eerie urban backdrop with some seriously supernatural elements at play.

The Curse of Willow Song introduces us to the enigmatic Willow Song (Valerie Tian), a recovering addict who’s just been released on probation after serving time for arson. Her aspirations to secure a job as a welder and start a new life are marred by the relentless struggles she faces. As a woman of colour she confronts systemic racism and lives under the constant threat of eviction due to her precarious financial situation, both making her journey back to normalcy all the more difficult.

Set against the backdrop of a city in turmoil, The Curse of Willow Song paints a vivid picture of contrasting worlds. On one hand, there’s a frenzy of construction and development, promising progress and prosperity. On the other, there’s a haunting wasteland of vacant properties and marginalized people left behind, struggling to find their place in this rapidly changing landscape. But what truly sets The Curse of Willow Song apart is its supernatural twist. Willow’s life takes a dark turn as she battles not just external obstacles but also her own nightmares, which seem to come to life. Shadows and spectral figures haunt her, blurring the line between reality and her nightmares, adding an eerie and suspenseful dimension to her already tumultuous existence.

Featuring a riveting lead performance from Tran, a unique blend of drama and supernatural mystery, incredibly creepy visuals, and a powerful exploration of real-world issues, The Curse of Willow Song is as thought-provoking as it is haunting.


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The Curse of Willow Song is now available on TVOD platforms