Shelf Pick: Wintery Survival Horror Tale SHIFTED Arrives on VOD

Trapped in a suburban home surrounded by ravenous zombie-like creatures, a group of survivors must now deal with a killer hidden amongst them. That’s the classic survival-horror scenario that the characters in director Adrian Konstant’s new film Shifted.

Riffing on horror classics like Night of the Living Dead and The Thing, as well as borrowing familiar survival horror language from more contemporary influences like Half-Life and The Last of Us, Shifted takes place against the backdrop of an all-too-familiar suburban neighbourhood in the dead of winter, where murderous monsters of unknown origin roam the streets and a group of survivors hunker down inside a house. In a desperate struggle for survival, the group must confront both the creatures lurking outside and a menace in their midst. As suspicion grips the household and necessities dwindle, alliances begin to crumble and accusations fly. Every member becomes a potential threat, leading to a frenzied atmosphere of paranoia and terror.


True to its influences, Shifted is a nerve-wracking plunge into the abyss of fear and paranoia. Featuring a fantastic ensemble cast and gory visual and practical effects, it’s the perfect movie for a chilly night in during the Halloween season – and may just have you looking at your family and friends in a very different light.

Shifted Poster
Shifted is now available on TVOD platforms.