Spawn & Geezer: A Darkly Comedic Family Satire

These days it feels like everyone lives in their own bubble. We curate the shows we binge, the news sources we consume, and purge any social media contact who gets on our damn nerves. With so many people living in their own little world, it’s all too easy to dismiss differing points of view.

Spawn & Geezer is a new web series from Altair Pflug-Taylor and Louis Taylor, about a Grinch-like black father and his effusive millennial daughter. This over-the-top dark comedy combines raunchy humour with astute social commentary to create a father/daughter dynamic unlike any other.

The beauty of the show comes from watching a gay, depressed, non-binary child and her ageing hipster pops work to understand each other. Culturally, these two may have well come from different planets. But they (begrudgingly) do the work to make a connection. Things between them might get awkward, but they’re always fun to watch.

These days, it’s too easy to ignore subjects that make us uncomfortable. But in order to grow, people need to leave their comfort zone, even if they’re dragged out kicking and screaming.


Spawn & Geezer is currently available to stream on Seeka.TV.


Spawn & Geezer synopsis:

Spawn & Geezer, a darkly comedic, 12 and change episode web series follows the antics and eccentric relationship of an ageing, hipsterish black father and his gay, depressed, non-binary child. The show captures their struggles to understand each other and the eye-popping insanity surrounding them.

Combining sketch comedy, deeply personal confessions, parodies and outrageous harangues the duo delve deep into their contentious and loving relationship to deliver their slant on the issues complicating their lives; identity politics, gender, sexual orientation, toxic masculinity, mental illness, surround-sound surveillance and “how many Jesuses are there anyway?”

From the deeply personal to the irreverently profane, the two bring you into their world, their thoughts, and their truths. This is not your traditional father and child story. Enjoy the ride.