Full Metal Jacket in "Bart the General," The Simpsons.

Springfield Googolplex Ep. 16: Full Metal Jacket

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– The movie podcast for Simpsons fans.

Adam and Nate discuss the Vietnam War classic Full Metal Jacket (1987) and its parody in “Bart the General” (S1E5), one of the earliest episodes of The Simpsons to go hard on movie parody mashups.

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Also in this episode:

  • Does Stanley Kubrick really wait to make the last, best movie in every genre?
  • Revisiting Nate’s claim that this is Kubrick’s most “accessible” movie…
  • How Full Metal Jacket is like My Fair Lady
  • The perverse entertainment of R. Lee Ermey’s Gny. Sgt. Hartman
  • What’s the mysterious connection between Private Pyle and Animal Mother?
  • Plus more bonus content at SpringfieldGoogolplex.com

Next time, Adam and Nate capture King Kong (1933) and “Treehouse of Horror III” (S4E5) with That Shelf film critic and horror aficionado Dede Crimmins!


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