Springfield Googolplex Ep. 19: Rocky

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Gonna fly now! Adam and Nate step into the ring with Rocky (1976), a classic that not only changed the boxing genre, but may surprise some with its human drama. They compare and contrast with to The Simpsons episode “The Homer They Fall” (S8E3), a mashup of boxing movie parodies.

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Also in this episode:

  • Parodies of convenience: When a movie reference is just a means to an end
  • Is every memorable moment in Rocky thanks to director John G. Avildsen?
  • Five stellar performances that balance quirky character with emotional realism
  • How Rocky changed cinematography and editing in the boxing genre and beyond
  • Nate gives Adam a lightning round on the sequels he’s never seen, from Rocky II to Rocky VII: Adrian’s Revenge!
  • Plus a catalog of every Rocky reference on The Simpsons and more at SpringfieldGoogolplex.com

Next time, Adam and Nate celebrate the 50th anniversary of a classic of American cinema, with Simpsons references in “Treehouse of Horror XI” (S12E1)!


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