The Natural in Saturdays of Thunder, The Simpsons

Springfield Googolplex Ep. 25: The Natural presents:
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– The movie podcast for Simpsons fans.

Ah, The Natural (1984), a classic American tale about… an underdog baseball team, a serial killer, a love triangle, a match fixing scandal, a freak accident in the outfield, and a magic baseball bat? We’ll get into it, along with “Homer at the Bat” (S317), a star-studded Simpsons episode that stretched the reality of the show.

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Also in this episode:

  • Randy Newman (yes, of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” fame) delivers a banger of a score that The Simpsons parody again and again
  • Is all the plot nonsense worth it for that astonishing Hollywood ending?
  • Bump Bailey and other old-time Swartzweldian baseball nicknames
  • How can a star like Robert Redford get beyond roles like “baseball Jesus”?
  • Plus every Simpsons reference to The Natural and more bonus content at

Next time… GODZILLA.

…The 1954 version. Also, “Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo” (S10E23).


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