Star Wars Day: Original Theatrical Star Wars Trailers

Today is May 4th, which means that it’s Star Wars Day, May the Fourth be with you! Get it?  Ughh… that wasn’t funny when my high school computer science teacher said it, and it still isn’t.  In any event to celebrate Star Wars Day, I Heart Chaos has posted the original theatrical trailers for the six Star Wars movies.

Original Theatrical Star Wars Trailers @ I Heart Chaos

I can only imagine how amazing it would have been to see the trailer for Empire Strikes Back in theatres, I’m sure it would have been so awesome that I would have lost control of my bowels.  Seeing the trailers one after the other also helps to remind us how much better the original films were, and how badly Episode I and Episode II really sucked.  I still enjoy Revenge of the Sith despite all of its major shortcomings.  All I know is that I would pay good money to see a feature length version of this Return of the Jedi/Rush Hour mashup.

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