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Nintendo’s StreetPass Day at A&C Games

Nintendo is promoting its 3DS by announcing Saturday, June 25th as StreetPass Day, when meetups all around the world are held to get 3DS owners together in one gamer-friendly, 90-foot-diameter place to share their game data and extra content. Toronto’s A&C Games is joining in on the fun from 2pm to 8pm on the 25th. 3DS owners are invited to bring their games and virtual goodies to share with each other, and regular ol’ Nintendo DS and DSi/XXL peeps are welcome to get one big LAN-a-thon going to celebrate all things two-screen-one-stylus.

You can check out A&C Games’ event details and RSVP on their Facebook page here, and find out more about StreetPass Day worldwide locations on Nintendo’s page here.

The 3DS’s StreetPass function communicates with other people’s 3DS units nearby, exchanging information and goodies for some of its games. So if you’ve been dejected day after day opening your 3DS and finding no one else had one on the subway ride home, this will be a perfect opportunity to introduce your Nintendogs and/or Cats to other digital furry friends, and even, perhaps, say hello to their owners in person.

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