Fifth Annual T.O. Jam starts Today

T.O. Jam

The fifth Toronto Independent Game Development Jam, also known as T.O. Jam starts today and will run all weekend. The event is a three day game making challenge, where over 200 brave souls will work around the clock to create fully functional games by Sunday night. In addition to several required images, each game must incorporate this year’s theme: Missing.  The event attracts students, hobbyists and professionals and is a challenging opportunity for them to learn how to design a game on a deadline. The event starts today, so registration is closed unfortunately. But if you’re interested in taking part, there’s always next year.

Some really brilliant games have come out of T.O. Jam in years past, and this year is sure to be no different. Dork Shelf will be there on Sunday afternoon to talk with the organizers and participants—in the unlikely event that they aren’t too busy making games—and to try out the finished products. Stay tuned for the full scoop, and be sure to say hello if you see us there.

For more info check out the official Toronto Independent Game Development Jam website.

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