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TADFF 2019: Making Monsters Review

Genre movies have an undeniable appeal. Part of it is how a story’s familiar rhythms let viewers fall into a comfortable groove. Certain plot elements are predictable, sure, and part of the fun is watching how a filmmaker bends or breaks the rules to serve their story.

Making Monsters, from co-directors Justin Harding and Rob Brunner, starts like so many slasher flicks that came before it; an unsuspecting couple venture to an isolated country home where a vicious killer stalks them. Our protagonists, Chris (Tim Loden) and Allison (Alana Elmer), are a couple internet celebrities who rose to fame in a series of internet prank videos. Unfortunately, Allison isnt always in on the joke, and she’s often the target of Chris gags. But here’s where the movie swerves; Allision, also comes from a bloodline of mediums. So, even as they’re being stalked by a killer, Allison also finds herself entranced by demons.

Making Monsters bites off more than it can chew. It tackles internet fame, the dark web, stalkers, psychopaths, and demons. This film is all over the map but ultimately ends up nowhere. The plot tracks like someone jammed all their cool ideas into one script with no concern for how it fits together. Whats most odd? Even at a tight 80 minutes, this film feels padded out. The directors tend to linger on shots for longer than they need to.

Making Monsters somehow suffers from the same drawbacks that plague low-budget found footage movies. The protagonists are obnoxious, the story takes too long to get going, and when shit hits the fan, characters screech like banshees as the camera frantically shakes. On the plus side, the film has a fantastic score and excellent creature effects. Its too bad the filmmakers didnt save them for their next feature.


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