Here for Blood

TADFF 2022: HERE FOR BLOOD Joelle Farrow & Tara Spencer-Nairn Interview

The 16th annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival is closing out the 2022 edition with a bloody bang. The Canadian indie horror-comedy Here For Blood will wrap up this year’s edition of the fest on October 23.

Directed by Daniel Turres from a script written by James Roberts, Here For Blood sees rowdy pro-wrestler Tom (Shawn Roberts) take on a babysitting gig for his girlfriend, Phoebe (Joelle Farrow). What should be an easy night with 10-year-old Grace (Maya Misaljevic) turns bloody chaotic when members of an otherworldly cult invade the isolated family home. Not expecting to find a wrestler at home, the intruders quickly realize their plans won’t go as expected.

Ahead of the world premiere at Toronto After Dark, That Shelf’s Rachel West catches up with stars Tara Spencer-Nairn and Joelle Farrow who say audiences are in for a  lot of blood – and a lot of laughs.

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Here For Blood will premiere on Sunday, October 23 at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto.

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