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The Neon Demon Blu-ray Review

One of our favourite films this year is now on Blu-ray, so we took another look at The Neon Demon and the extra features that may or may not make it "Shelf Worthy"

The Neon Demon Review

Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest dreamy nightmare might be his most divisive film to date – it may also be his best.

Not Fade Away Review

While admirably personal to a small degree and brimming with appropriate 1960s period detail, Sopranos creator David Chase's first feature film Not Fade Away cloyingly drones on about how hard the late sixties were, how great the Stones are, and is designed to appeal to no one other than Chase's closest friends.

Dark Shadows Review

While definitely closer in tone to what director Tim Burton should be making with his vivid imagination, wit, and eye for detail, Dark Shadows shouldn’t be heralded as a comeback for the director just yet. The potential for this film to serve as a middle ground between the big haired auteur’s beloved Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice feels somewhat squandered by a lightweight script and a really terrible final 20 minutes.