Ben Mendelsohn

Babyteeth Review: Forever Young Love

Babyteeth is the first feature from longtime television and short film director Shannon Murphy. The quiet film focuses on ordinary characters going through a tough situation, with wobbling skill.  Milla (Eliza Scanlen, Little Women) first meets Moses (Toby Wallace) on a train platform. The teenage girl is in her school uniform when the tattooed wanderer […]

The King Review

Timothée Chalamet’s fiery performance in The King would make previous cinematic Henry's like Olivier, Branagh, and Welles proud.

Captain Marvel Blu-ray Review

The Movie Captain Marvel made over $1 billion in movie theatres this spring, elevating the character from a trivia answer amongst comic book nerds to a full on superhero icon. Her costume will officially be a Halloween and Comic-Con staple for years to come. In theory, that means the movie should also be an iconic […]