Blood in the Snow 2014

Blood in the Snow 2014: Teddy Bomb Review

Teddy Bomb An infectiously goofy, no budget, high concept lark, the locally produced Teddy Bomb makes no pretentions that it’s a great film, but it’s certainly one that wants to have fun alongside like minded people who get the joke. Think of a Godfrey Ho and Sam Raimi produced live action reboot of Big Hero […]

Blood in the Snow 2014: Kingdom Come Review

Kingdom Come There’s no reason for a film like Kingdom Come to exist except to pad out the resumes of the people involved in its production. It’s a cynical, low budget rip off made with no conviction, style, or originality whatsoever. It’s the kind of film people make for the sake of making something, not […]

Blood in the Snow 2014: Queen of Blood Review

Queen of Blood Although best known as Fangoria’s Editor-in-Chief, Chris Alexander has now turned out a pair of quietly unnerving and thoughtful horror films of his own over the past couple of years. Queen of Blood – a follow-up to Alexander’s previous film Blood for Irina – is a minimalist, slow burning, ultra-low-budget vampire yarn […]

Blood in the Snow 2014: Ejecta Review

Ejecta Ejecta tries to be a found footage science fiction yarn, but with lazy writing and wonky direction, it doesn’t provide any satisfying payoffs. On the eve of an historic cosmic event, two men witness the unthinkable: the crash landing of an alien spacecraft. What starts as a fantastic event soon turns into a fight […]

Blood in the Snow 2014: Black Mountain Side Review

Black Mountain Side Black Mountain Side is a bare bones thriller that’s smart enough to play to its strengths rather than highlight its weaknesses. In its simplicity, it’s quite entertaining and effective. In a desolate location in Northern Canada, a group of archeologists uncover a strange structure.  Carbon dating shows the structure as over 10,000 […]

Blood in the Snow 2014: Berkshire County Review

Berkshire County Berkshire County is a very uneven home invasion horror story that goes to some unnecessary extremes to prove not very much at all. Kylie Winters (Alysa King) is a bullied teen who can’t make the right decisions in her life. When she reluctantly agrees to babysit at an isolated mansion in the countryside […]