Chris Pratt

The Lords (and Millers) of Your Childhood

We catch up with one of the most beloved directorial duos working today, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, to talk about their work on The Lego Movie, why they have no interest in selling toys, the hardest part of animating a toy made out of building blocks, creating catchy earworms, and how their very terrible idea of a double decker couch was a very real thing.

Her Review

Her is nothing short of astonishing: a brainy science fiction yarn set in a not too distant future that also functions as an off kilter, but never ironic, creepy, or off putting modern romance. It’s a reflection of narcissism, consumerism, and most importantly alienation in our modern digital world. It's also the best movie of the year.

Delivery Man Review

It's almost the exact same movie as Starbuck was two years ago, meaning it's largely okay and overstuffed, but this remake of Ken Scott's Quebecois hit gets a lot of mileage from Vince Vaughn's best performance in years.

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Movie 43 Review

Earlier today our head film critic had his faith in movies nearly destroyed by Hansel and Gretel:Witch Hunters, tonight our other main film writer suffers the same nervous breakdown inducing fate fate at the hands of the already infamous Movie 43.

Zero Dark Thirty Review

In the best film of her already great career, Kathryn Bigelow and a thoroughly excellent Jessica Chastain create the ultimate impartial treatise on modern warfare with Zero Dark Thirty.


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The Five-Year Engagement Review

While it will probably appeal to the most adoring fans of producer Judd Apatow and star Jason Segel, The Five-Year Engagement is a mean spirited, mostly unoriginal comedy that can never decide if it wants to pander to women or to bros, when it's a plot clearly designed to pander to the latter.