Craig Zobel

The Hunt Review: Settle Down, America

On the surface, The Hunt seems like the straight-forward hack 'em ups like The Purge, but director Craig Zobel (Z for Zachariach, Homestar Runner) has a little more on his mind.

This Week in DVD: 1/8/13

As we dig out from piles of new releases from before and after the holiday season, we take looks at the home video releases for Looper, Frankenweenie, Cosmopolis, Dredd, Pitch Perfect, Compliance, The Words, Hit and Run, and season one of Anger Management

Compliance Review

Based on a shockingly true story, the controversial, low key thriller Compliance will leave viewers' stomachs in knots whether they like it or not.

Interview: Compliance Director Craig Zobel

We talked to Craig Zobel, one of the co-creators of Homestar Runner, about his decidedly different and vastly darker new film Compliance and the film's astonishing and shocking real life basis.