David Gordon Green

Halloween Review

David Gordon Green's Halloween is easily the best movie to feature Michael Myers since the 1978 original. Yes, it is that good.

Stronger Review

Not since the Amy Winehouse documentary has a film given so much attention to someone who just wanted to be left alone.

Our Brand Is Crisis Review

David Gordon Green departs from his usual indie fare to bring us the Sandra Bullock-starring political potboiler Our Brand Is Crisis, but are we buying it?

Joe Review

The grim Southern drama Joe marks a return to more subdued and nuanced territory of Nicolas Cage and a further return to form for director David Gordon Green.

TIFF 2013: Joe Review

Joe Special Presentation Director: David Gordon Green An unusual relationship develops between young, refuge seeking drifter, Gary (Tye Sheridan) and ex-con Joe (Nicholas Cage) who oversees a crew clearing trees. Joe is a believable and emotional film that follows an unconventional friendship between two emotionally scarred people   Taking place in America’s deep south, site foreman Joe […]