Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet Review

While guitarist Jason Becker serves as a great focus for a documentary, the documentary made about him can only really give the bullet points of his life, works, and current battles with ALS.

The House I Live In Review

Given all of the anti-drug propaganda we’re forced to swallow on a daily basis, this bitter pill of a film demands to be seen. Even if you’re well versed in the facts and issues that Eugene Jarecki's The House I Live In trots out, the material is collected, organized, and presented in such a way that will tear your guts out and infuriate you all over again.

The Fruit Hunters Review

In Canadian documentarian Yung Chang's latest excellent film The Fruit Hunters, the audience is asked to give fruit - especially the kind you can find in your own backyard - a second chance.

How to Survive a Plague Review

How to Survive a Plague brings back the events of the early days of AIDS research activism ti the big screen showcasing how ignorance and fear can be toppled by the right people refusing to let an important issue disappear.


Hello Dork Shelfers and doc lovers! In our neverending quest to help take the piss out of the human gas bag that is Donald Trump, we're pleased to be offering five pairs of tickets to the new documentary You've Been Trumped - playing this weekend at The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema.

Hellbound? Review

Strict atheists or followers of any other religion will most likely dismiss the film instantly for obvious reasons, but any one at least intrigued by the concept of hell should find plenty to think about in Hellbound?, which thankfully feels far less like a product of blatant religious indoctrination than most films of this sort.

The Imposter Review

Ingeniously mixing fact and fiction in both form and content, Bart Layton’s The Imposter is easily one of the most gripping films of the year that just happens to be a documentary.

Stories We Tell Review

Everyone has a story, but not everyone can tell them. But with Stories We Tell Sarah Polley proves to be a masterful storyteller in what’s unquestionably one of the best films of the year.

Samsara Review

A sort of sequel and kindred spirit to Ron Fricke's visual poem Baraka, Samsara is a pure and rewarding sensory experience about all that's beautiful and horrible about the world at the moment.

Head Games Review

In what feels more like a passion project for former athlete turned health advocate Christopher Nowinski than a proper feature from Hoop Dreams co-director Steve James, the documentary Head Games nonetheless offers compelling insight into the hot button issue of concussions in sports just in time for football season and something we probably would be talking about in hushed tones if there was a hockey season to immediately look forward to when discussing the status of Sidney Crosby.

In My Mother’s Arms Review

Compelling and emotionally devastating, the documentary In My Mother's Arms tells the stories of Iraqi war orphans and one person's uphill battle to help save them from crime and an inefficient government.

Sushi: The Global Catch Review

Sushi: The Global Catch is an equally mouth watering and socially conscious documentary that provides an insightful look at the dedication it takes to make a tasty raw fish dish.

Hell and Back Again Review

An apolitical look at one man’s struggle to readapt to civilian life following a harrowing, life altering experience in Afghanistan, director Danfung Dennis' documentary Hell and Back Again has an uncomfortable and visceral impact on the viewer that will leave them stunned and in awe of what they’ve just witnessed.

Searching for Sugar Man Review

A must see even for those who don't adore music documentaries, Searching for Sugar Man is far more than a lovingly fan-crafted piece of hero worship, but also fascinatingly human tale of the inexplicable power of art and unexpected redemption.

Interview: Kirby Dick

We talk to documentarian Kirby Dick about his latest incendiary work, The Invisible War, which looks at the American military's desire to cover up the in service rape of thousands of men and women.