Interview: Directors of The Final Member

You’ll probably never see anything quite like Toronto natives Jonah Bekhor and Zach Math’s penis-mentary The Final Member. The directors travelled to the Icelandic Phallological Museum for their documentary, the only penis museum on the planet. Dork Shelf sat down with Bekhor and Math to discuss the film, their breathtaking on-location footage, what it's like seeing penises get tattooed, and Icelandic folklore.

Interview: Corey and Frank Lee

We caught up with martial arts legend Frank Lee and his filmmaker son Corey about their personal relationship and their collaboration on the deeply personal Hot Docs entry Legend of a Warrior

Interview: Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa

On the day of the Hot Docs premiere of his film Laura, Dork Shelf caught up with director Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa to talk about his relationship to the title character and their immersion in New York celebrity culture.

Hot Docs 2012: Weekend Update

As the first weekend of the 2012 Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival draws to a close today, we bring you even more reviews from the front lines of first person filmmaking with looks at The Imposter, Off Label, G-Dog, Shadows of Liberty, The Punk Syndrome, Buzkashi!, Welcome to the Machine, Where Heaven Meets Hell, and My Mate Manchester United.

Interview: Jean-Philippe Tremblay

Dork Shelf caught up with Shadows of Liberty director Jean-Philippe Tremblay (whose film screens today for a second time at Hot Docs) to talk about the links between American government and the media, what his thoughts are on the current state of the FCC, and just how hard it is to make your first film about such a huge, largely unspoken concept.

Hot Docs 2012:
The First Big Day

On the first official day of Hot Docs 2012 following last night's gala, Canadian content dominates our reviews with looks at El Huaso, The Final Member, Legend of a Warrior, Crimes Without Honour, Who Cares?, and Fists of Pride. We also take a look at Big Boys Gone Bananas!*, My Thai Bride, Her Master's Voice, Planet of Snail, Colombianos, Ping Pong, and Laura

Hot Docs 2012 Reviews: Part 4

We break out the big guns for today's Hot Docs 2012 preview with a lot of titles that have gone rush, including Indie Game: The Movie, We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists, Detropia, Finding Truelove, Bones Brigade: An Autobiography, and The World Before Her. Also looks at Sexy Baby, Mom and Me, Beware of Mr. Baker, and The Job.

Hot Docs 2012 Reviews: Part 3

Hot Docs 2012 Preview Day 3 and the hits just keep on coming with looks at China Heavyweight, In the Year of Hip Hop, Brooklyn Castle, The Frog Princes, Finding North, Radioman, Low and Clear, and The Betrayal.

Hot Docs 2012 Reviews: Part 1

Our first batch of reviews for Hot Docs 2012 are in! Today we have a look at opening night film Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, The Invisible War, Wildness, Smoke Traders, Playing the Fool, Jeff, The Mystery of Mazo de la Roche, Inocente, The Great Liberty, and James Franco's Francophrenia (Or: Don't Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is).

Interview: Turner Ross

Dork Shelf talks to Tchopitoulas co-director Turner Ross about the latest documentary he made with his brother Bill and what it's like to film with kids in the almost magical city of New Orleans.

Sound it Out Review

Arriving just in time for Record Store Day, the documentary Sound It Out will appeal most to the people who still love their local vinyl and CD emporiums.

Chimpanzee Review

Just in time for Earth Day, Disney Nature returns with a look at the closest primate relatives to humans.

Bully Review

Lee Hirsch’s new documentary Bully is an undeniably powerful experience that at least wins points for having its heart in the right place even if it doesn’t quite offer as definitive of an examination as the subject deserves.

Fightville Review

The documentary Fightville succeeds in putting a human face to the sometimes inhuman sport of MMA fighting.