Double Double Land

Kuf Review

The tense, yet down to earth Turkish film Küf (which screens Wednesday night at 9:00pm at Double Double Land in Toronto as part of MDFF’s ongoing independent cinema screening series) is like three different films in one.

A Month in Thailand Review

An unpretentious no-frills look at the male ego and its struggles with stagnancy, Romanian director Paul Negoescu’s A Month in Thailand (screening this Wednesday at Double Double Land in Toronto in conjunction with MDFF) falls nicely in the same category as similarly minded North American filmmakers Noah Baumbach, Whit Stillman, and Lena Dunham.

My Blue-Eyed Kid Review

Screening for free tonight at Double Double Land in Toronto - courtesy of MDFF filmmakers Kazik Radwanski and Dan Montgomery - the French coming of age drama My Blue-Eyed Kid takes a thoughtful and nuanced look at youthful obsessions and the fall out from divorce. Also, a few words about the Canadian mid-range feature Fogo and the short Stray, both of which take place in the Maritimes and play as part of the evening's programming.