Eugene Levy

comPOSERS Episode 100: Serendipity

This week we celebrate our 100th episode in true comPOSERS fashion: by covering a film and soundtrack that nobody cares about. Not even us. Join us anyway, as romcomPOSERS month continues, for Alan Silvestri's Serendipity.

Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection Review

Tyler Perry's latest outing with the mad black woman Madea is just as broad and potentially damaging as ever, but the low point of Madea's Witness Protection is that it might be more of a direct rip off of Big Momma's House than the previous entries in the lowbrow series.

American Reunion Review

Only sporadically funny, but mostly dull and surprisingly insincere given the three previous films, American Reunion fails to reignite a concept that already seemed to have a very logical conclusion. This pie is pretty stale.