Fantasia 2020

Fantasia 2020 Review: The Dark and The Wicked

Brutality is not limited to physical torment. The Dark and The Wicked is emotionally brutal, and a bit physically tortuous too. The film begins with Louise (Marin Ireland) and her brother Michael (Michael Abbott Jr.) returning home to pay their final respects to their father. He is at hospice at home, and will likely not […]

Fantasia 2020 Review: Minor Premise

Every film festival has the potential to introduce you to your next favorite film. Though Fantasia International Film Festival is not quite done yet, nor is it possible to have seen every film programmed, Minor Premise is certainly in the running for that precious top spot. Neuroscientist Ethan (Sathya Sridharan) is on the brink of […]

Fantasia 2020 Review: The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw

Witches can symbolically have varied meanings, however, they should ideally be at the intersection of the power of women, and society’s fear of powerful women. The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw nails both of these references, with only a few areas of murkiness within. Taking place somewhere in rural Canada on an Irish settlement that is […]

Fantasia 2020 Review: The Mortuary Collection

Striking the perfect balance between devious and mischievous, The Mortuary Collection is bound to be a favorite dark anthology for years to come. Rather than a collection of various filmmakers, Ryan Spindell directed and wrote all of the bits and bobs of The Mortuary Collection. Much like 2017’s Ghost Stories there is a wraparound tale […]

Fantasia’s First Wave Announcement is Ready for Your Eyeballs

If there is one place you would expect perseverance and adaption, it is a genre film festival. The unknown future and imminent apocalypse have been imagined long before these fests existed, and they know that there are plenty of stories to still be told after the world as we know it disappears. Coming hot off […]