Interview: Don Cheadle

Dork Shelf chats with Iron Man 3 actor Don Cheadle to talk about playing Tony Stark's best friend James "Rhodey" Rhodes, working with Shane Black and Robert Downey Jr., his own experiences with comics, and much more.

Interview: Justin Ludwig

Step into the pit as we talk to Canadian documentarian, punk rock frontman, and proud atheist Justin Ludwig about his film ChristCORE and how he learned to have a better understanding of the world of Christian punk and metal despite not being a believer himself. We also talk about the crossover success of Christian rock, how the bands politically believed a lot of the same things he did, and how to potentially really screw over Chik-Fil-A.

Interview: Michael McGowan

Still Mine, starring beloved actor James Cromwell in what's shockingly his first major leading role, is a deeply moving and unexpectedly funny Canadian film about overcoming adversity with wide ranging appeal beyond the age of the stars involved. Check out our interview with director Michael McGowan to find out more about the film!

Interview: Jeanie Findlay

Dork Shelf sits down with the director of Hot Docs 2013 selection The Great Hip Hop Hoax, Jeanie Findlay to talk about her look at a pair of white Scottish rappers trying to reinvent themselves as California bros in hopes of landing a record contract.

Interview: Alex Winter

Dork Shelf sits down with director and actor Alex Winter to talk about his documentary about the rise and fall of the internet giant Napster, Downloaded which played at Hot Docs this year. (And yes, we brought up Bill and Ted and his proposed 3-D reboot of The Gate.)

Iron Man 3 Review

Not only is Iron Man 3 an almost insurmountable high bar to clear for this summer movie season and the best Marvel film to date, it's also just an excellent all around movie. It's the antithesis of shallow blockbuster filmmaking that still delivers the goods and knows how to be a fun and enjoyably twisty ride thanks to Robert Downey Jr.'s continued excellence as Tony Stark and some fresh new energy courtesy of writer and director Shane Black.

Hot Docs 2013 Kicks Into High Gear

With Hot Docs 2013 in high gear after last night's opening we come back today with our biggest assembly of reviews yet. Here for your reading pleasure are a look at 17 more films playing this year at one of the biggest all documentary festivals in the world.

The Colony Review

It’s not terribly original and it shows the signs of budgetary restrictions at many turns, but the Canadian post-apocalyptic action thriller The Colony certainly looks better and has a better cast and director than movies of this ilk usually have.

The Company You Keep Review

The Company You Keep, the latest thriller from actor and director Robert Redford is almost quaint in terms of how unpretentious it is despite subject material and a stacked cast of familiar faces that could have been so much more than this. But it's that smallness that makes it all that much better.