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Home Entertainment: Interstellar Review

Interstellar is certainly an impressive cinematic achievement on the biggest possible scale, just far from a perfect film. The highly visual film has been given top notch treatment for this showcase Blu-ray.

Home Entertainment Review: Sunflower Hour

Sunflower Hour (Aaron Houston, 2011) – The naughty minded mocumentary Sunflower Hour has a killer premise and really talented performers, but it’s hard not to wonder where all the genuinely funny jokes are. This look behind the scenes at a children’s show that’s auditioning new puppeteers has a few smile worthy moments, a tiny handful […]

Home Entertainment Review: Locke

Locke (Steven Knight, 2014) – Steven Knight’s single setting and single actor drama Locke is what it is without much to really talk about, but it’s also quite good. An existential and rationalist drama set within the confines of a single car while a man’s life crashes down around him, Locke is the kind of film that’s […]

Home Entertainment Review: The Raid 2

The Raid 2 (Gareth Evans, 2014) – The Raid: Redemption was a wonderfully nasty little action movie that came out of nowhere to tickle the shriveled hearts of fans of blood soaked entertainment in 2011. The instant cult classic was a perfectly structured bit of B-movie bliss. A few minutes of set up, followed by […]

Home Entertainment Review: Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway Camp (Robert Hiltzik, 1983) – Some cult classics emerge because they are brilliant works of art that were unfairly ignored upon their initial release, while some attract loyal followings because they aren’t so much good as they are batshit insane. They transcend “bad movie” status. Sleepaway Camp falls into the latter category. Robert Hiltzik’s […]