TIFF 2022: V/H/S/99 Review

V/H/S/99 delivers all the creepy segments, gruesome violence, and morbid sense of humour fans expect from this devilishly fun anthology series.

TIFF 2022: Pearl Review

Director Ti West’s Pearl is a joyfully twisted horror flick featuring by a staggering Mia Goth performance.

TIFF 2022: Sick Review

Director John Hyams’ vicious slasher movie Sick takes place early in the pandemic and mines horror from society’s COVID-era anxieties.

Barbarian Review: A Surprisingly Twisty Shocker

Appearances are not what they seem with the new horror movie Barbarian. Rarely does a horror movie so surprising come along that even discussing the finer plot points would spoil the effect. Filled not with red herrings, but with a unique story, Barbarian will delight genre fans, offering something that was perhaps unexpected.