Hot Docs 2015

Hot Docs 2015: Stay Awhile Review

The Bells were a Canadian pop group formed in the 60s who were considered hugely successful at the time but failed to really leave their mark, Stay Awhile is their story told from the perspective of two of the original members' daughter.

Hot Docs 2015: Survivor’s Rowe Interview

At 21, Daniel Roher has already shot documentaries all over the world. His latest, Survivor's Rowe gives a voice to victims of Canada's most prolific sex offender. We talked to him about how he approached such a difficult topic.

Hot Docs 2015: Deprogrammed Review

In Deprogrammed, Mia Donovan takes us into the strange, disturbing and yet completely intriguing world of deprogramming, the process by which one is removed from an alternative religion or cult and brought back into the wider world.

Hot Docs 2015: Tig Notaro Interview

Dork Shelf had the pleasure of interviewing comedian Tig Notaro at the premiere of Tig, a documentary about the worst four months of her life and the incredible year that followed.

Hot Docs 2015: Being Canadian Interview

We sat down with Being Canadian director Rob Cohen and producers Colin Keith Gray and Megan Raney Aarons, to chat over double doubles and timbits about the journey of making this patriotic doc.

Hot Docs 2015: Danny Review

Danny is as much a history of Newfoundland as it is a biography. The film explains how the province clawed its way out of poverty and became synonymous with its leader, Premier Danny Williams.

Hot Docs 2015: Censored Voices Review

In Censored Voices, an examination of both memory and politics, retired Israeli soldiers listen to their own voices recorded after a victorious occupation over 40 years ago.

Hot Docs 2015: Beyond The Fear Review

Beyond the Fear tackles the story of Yigal Amir, the assassin of Ytizhak Rabin who found himself at the center of numerous ethical and political debates about whether a country founded on the ashes of intolerance would treat the murderer of their own leader with humanity.

Hot Docs 2015: (T)error Review

For the first hour of it’s running time, (T)error is a slow build doc that borders on tedious despite incendiary subject matter, but the last section makes for a thrilling film that should not be missed.

Hot Docs 2015: Seth’s Dominion Review

As a portrait of an enigmatic cartoonist and comic book dream-weaver, Seth's Dominion is a wonderfully creative little doc that honors and embodies it’s subject, like few others.