Hot Docs 2015

Hot Docs 2015: Pervert Park Review

Surely one of the most challenging entries in this year’s Hot Docs, Pervert Park dares to give a voice to and even strives to find empathy for a group of people who most viewers would rather pretend didn’t exist.

Hot Docs 2015: What Happened, Miss Simone? Review

More than a usual rise/fall biography, What Happened, Miss Simone? dives deep into the artist’s life, examining with sometimes uncomfortable detail the swath that she created both in her personal and professional life.

Hot Docs 2015: The Visit Review

Extra Terrestrials have landed. Well, not really. But for the sake argument, let’s say they have. What would we do? How would we react? More importantly, who would be writing the press release?

Hot Docs 2015: Western Review

The Ross Brother’s Western provides deep insight in to the lives of these two remarkable individuals, as well as the community to which they belong.