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House at the End of the Street Review

The good news about House at the End of the Street is that it’s not the aggressive swell of haunted house horror clichés that the trailers promised. Nope, this is actually somewhat of a traditional thriller that has more in common with a certain Hitchcock movie than it does with the latest direct-to-DVD genre rehash. Unfortunately, it’s not a very good thriller and the suspense/scares are doled out in such a dreary “slow burn” way that about as much time is spent developing a “battle of the bands” subplot as building up dread or atmosphere.

TIFF 2012 Reviews: Part 6

As TIFF 2012 finishes up its first weekend, our ongoing coverage looks at The Master, To the Wonder, High Park on Hudson, End of Watch, Aftershock, Sightseers, The Crimes of Mike Recket, No One Lives, and Midnight's Children.

This Week in DVD: 8/21/12

This week on DVD we look at the stellar Oscar winning foreign drama A Separation, Richard Linklater's unfortunately slept on Bernie, the direct to DVD efforts Breathless, A Girl Walks into a Bar, and the Dolph Lundgren starring One in the Chamber. Oh, and some indie film called The Hunger Games

Interview: Liam Hemsworth of The Hunger Games

We talk to The Hunger Games' Liam Hemsworth about the building of his character over the next few films of a highly anticipated franchise, working with co-star Jennifer Lawrence, and his disdain for reality television.

The Hunger Games Review

Transcending its young adult novel source, The Hunger Games rises above its modest trappings to become a truly great film. Well, that’s not entirely true, but much like some of the film’s characters would say, it’s close enough to spin it into something.

Interview: Josh Hutcherson of The Hunger Games

Dork Shelf got a chance to talk to talk to The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson about the pressures of adapting such a beloved story, his working relationship with Jennifer Lawrence, and how to just be yourself in an interview.