Mega Man Bosses: Behind the Metal

Mega Man Bosses: Behind the Metal – Where Are They Now? Mega Man bosses never really die, they just lie around for a while until Dr. Wily fixes them back up again. While he has made plenty of mechanical menaces, his early creations still hold the heaviest spot in his heart – for it was […]

War Stars 101

Every day, new people are born into this world. There’s a good chance most of these people have parents, and there’s an even better chance that their parents watched at least one Star Wars trilogy while growing up. These new parents are faced with all kinds of important decisions during their children’s formative years, none […]

The Ten Most Annoying Video Game Baddies of All Time

I spent a great deal of my childhood playing video games; some would say that too much of my childhood was devoted to games, but that’s another discussion entirely.聽 I played what was available to me, mostly Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and PC games.聽 Like any avid gamer, I often ran out of lives, […]