Thought Bubble: A Love Letter to Soul Blade

The predecessor of the Soul Calibur series, and a forgotten classic in its own right, 1995's Soul Blade for the Sony PlayStation made an indelible mark on what I look for in video games from the moment its bombastic opening theme song crashed through the screen.

Tearaway Review

Media Molecule's Tearaway, a brilliant platformer with a unique papercraft landscape, hasn't been seen by enough people in part thanks to the PS Vita's lagging sales performance. Megan reminds everyone why it's worth playing in her review.

Thought Bubble: God of War: Ascension

Dork Shelf writer Eric Weiss shares his thoughts on what makes a video game replayable after essentially replaying God of War for the fourth time on a console with Ascension.

Knytt Underground Review

In the homestretch of 2012, Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren, an assonant Swedish indie game dev who has been churning out hardware-easy, freeware 2D platformers since 2006, released Knytt Underground onto PlayStation Network, ushering in a wave of changes both good and bad news for long time fans. First and foremost that you’ll have to pay for this one.