Robert E. Howard

Conan the Barbarian Review

Conan the Barbarian is an unnecessary, but often entertaining adaptation of Robert E. Howard's series of stories about the Cimmerian warrior who was "born of battle." And to the film's credit, it doesn't feel like a full remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger take on the character. This Conan is actually smarter and even more action packed than the beloved films from the 80s, but under the direction of Marcus Nispel sometimes the film can be excessive even by the standards of the character.

Solomon Kane Trailer

The first trailer for big screen adaptation of Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane has hit the net.  The film (which is one of my picks) is set to debut during Midnight Madness at the Toronto Film International Film Festival on September 16th, so this trailer is just in time. Solomon Kane does not have a […]