Shout Factory

Home Entertainment: The People Under The Stairs Review

Wes Craven might not have taken his 90s horror fairy tale The People Under The Stairs too seriously but Shout Factory certainly have with their full Blu-ray treatment that will give genre junkies a new found appreciation for this odd movie.

Home Entertainment: Robot Jox Review

With their full Blu-ray treatment, Shout Factory re-evaluates this 1990 action adventure film that is more self-aware than audiences initially gave it credit for. 25 years later, Robot Jox is more than fun ever.

Home Entertainment: Escape From New York Review

The folks at Shout Factory have been cranking Carpenter classics onto Blu-ray since they kicked off their Scream Factory genre label and have finally secured the rights to one of his most iconic and important efforts with Escape From New York.

Home Entertainment: Invaders From Mars Review

Another overlooked film that Shout Factory has chosen to be the next cult classic is Tobe Hooper's 1986 Cannon-produced remake of Invaders From Mars. You probably haven't seen it yet, but you probably should.

Home Entertainment: Breathless (1983) Review

Jim McBride's 1983 remake of the French New Wave classic Breathless was doomed to fail but has in fact aged remarkably well, which is why Shout Factory has released a Blu-ray of this new cult classic.

Home Entertainment Review: New Years Evil

New Years Evil is more of a historical curiosity for horror fans than anything else, but it is still a damn entertaining and unintentionally funny trip down slash n’ kill memory lane.

Home Entertainment Review: Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh

Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (Bill Condon, 1995) – After the explosion of rubbery VHS horror in the 1980s, the 90s was a rough decade for the genre. The slasher icons were worn out, the biggest horror trend was adding a sense of irony that diluted genuine scares, and the direct-to-video market crossed the line […]

Home Entertainment Review: Supernova

Supernova (“Thomas Lee”, 2000) – Shout Factory have taken it upon themselves to become the new leaders in Blu-Ray genre film releases. Since launching the Scream Factory label, they’ve dug up cult classics and overlooked oddities from the genre movie vaults that are stacked with special features and fueled by fan service. Yet, in Supernova […]