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Hot Docs 2014: Interview – Dennis Mohr

It’s a beautiful, sunny morning outside a downtown Toronto basement office and filmmaker Dennis Mohr is enjoying a patch of early morning sunlight on a couch with books and photographs laid out in front of him full of pictures of sometimes very nasty people from the past and present. It’s a vast collection of research […]

Hot Docs 2014: Mugshot Review

Mugshot Next Is someone’s arrest record snapshot something that the whole world should see? How much should the public be allowed to know after someone’s arrest? Historically, what if mugshots are the only ways of identifying certain marginalized people who have fallen through the cracks that should be preserved? These are the questions being asked […]

Hail Review

Hail is a purposefully uneasy and gorgeous looking and sounding story of one man trying to adjust to life outside of prison. It’s as emotionally charged and lyrical as a love poem and as raw as the coldest of winter evenings. It's one of the best Australian films of the new century and it's playing in Toronto for one night only.