Teresa Palmer

Cut Bank Review

Cut Bank uses a cast, setting and story similar to some of the best work put out by the Coen brothers, but this ain't the Coen brothers.

TIFF 2014: Kill Me Three Times Review

Kill Me Three Times Contemporary World Cinema Kill Me Three Times looks great, but it’s a tired, done to death kind small town noir gangster/revenge flick that only sparks to life thanks to some sharp comic moments. A dental surgeon (Sullivan Stapleton) with a sexy and cunning spouse (Teresa Palmer) run afoul of a corrupt […]

TIFF 2014: Cut Bank Review

Cut Bank Contemporary World Cinema Coming down somewhere between a late 90s Tarantino knock-off that has been pulled out of mothballs and a Coen Brothers homage that never should have been made in the first place, the bizarrely atonal and baffling small town crime thriller Cut Bank from first television director Matt Shakman fails at […]

Warm Bodies Review

Clever and extremely well directed by Jonathan Levine, the romantic zombie comedy Warm Bodies takes a plethora of different genre elements, puts them to good use, and never once hides its desires to be nothing more than pure entertainment.

Interview: Nicholas Hoult

We catch up with Warm Bodies leading zombie Nicholas Hoult to talk about making the walking dead sympathetic, working with director Jonathan Levine, creating chemistry with a co-stars when you can’t speak in a scene, and what it’s like to get the actual walking part of being a zombie just right.

Contest: Win a WARM YOUR BODY Prize Pack!

Enter for a chance to win a special Warm Bodies Prize Pack from eOne Films, learn about another great contest to celebrate the release of the new zombie romantic comedy this coming Friday, and check out the first four minutes of the film!