The Double

TIFF 2013: The Double Review

The Double Special Presentation Director: Richard Ayoade After starting his directorial career with a pitch perfect recreation of bad 80s television in Garth Marenghiโ€™s Darkplace, Richard Ayoade has slid into to feature filmmaking by mimicking much artier affair. His sweet little debut Submarine riffed on Wes Anderson and all the French New Wave directors that […]

The Dork Shelf Guide to TIFF 2013

Here it is! Your one-stop guide to all of our reviews, interviews, and features for anything and everything involving the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. Keep checking back throughout the day as new reviews, interviews, and features are being added all the time!

This Week in DVD: 1/31/2012

This week's DVD column looks at Ryan Gosling's much talked about Drive, Richard Gere and Topher Grace squaring off in The Double, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz buying a Dream House, and the re-releases of Lawrence Kasdan's 1991 Grand Canyon and 2001's seminal Monkeybone. Yes, Monkeybone.