The New York Times

The 50 Year Argument Review

Co-directed by Martin Scorsese, the documentary The 50 Year Argument delivers the rich history behind the fabled New York Times Review of Books.

Hot Docs 2014: Interview – Kris Kaczor

Filmmaker Kris Kaczor travelled to Concord, Massachusetts – home of historically rich battleground and famous transcendentalist writers – to document a different kind of revolution and groundswell of environmental activity. Only this time instead of taxation without representation or the protecting of historic woodlands, the contention is over bottles of water and the battle field […]

Unsung Anniversaries #3: American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt

For this week's Unsung Anniversaries, we go with a pretty deep cut to celebrate the 25th anniversary of American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt, and in the process talk a little bit about the history of 1980s movie making powerhouse Cannon Films, what happens when a franchise has to recast its lead, and why the film has two standout performances from cult acting icons that almost make it worth watching.