Potted Potter Review

Much like similar attempts to reduce the complete works of Shakespeare into a single scant theatrical running time, the unauthorized J.K. Rowling reduction Potted Potter (now on stage until March 25th at the Panasonic Theatre in Toronto after successful runs in the UK) has the feeling of a madcap romp boiled down to a science. This cramming of all seven Harry Potter books into a 70 minute production definitely skews slightly towards a younger crowd, but the fan appeal is undeniable and the uninitiated will have a hard time erasing the ear to ear grin from their faces.

The Addams Family Musical Review

The Addams Family musical, now in its second year on Broadway, is based on the artwork of cartoonist Charles Addams and the popular film and television productions that followed. The comedy musical pushes our favourite gothic family into new territory -- into genuine, unironic happiness. Happiness that was not achieved through decapitation, poisoning or the like. It's kind of weird.

The Rep Episode 4
The Wright Stuff? Part 2

The latest episode of the ongoing web-series The Rep is now online. The series documents the trials and tribulations of our friends at the Toronto Underground Cinema. Episode 4 concludes the events of the previous episode – Charlie, Nigel, Alex and Peter continue to prep the theatre for The Wright Stuff, while anxiously awaiting the arrival of director Edgar Wright

Geek Nerd Dork Episode 11

Since we ended last week's show on such a high note, this week we explore Jess's trip to the theatre, Gavin visits Lionsgate and pitches the Heroes for Hire, and we once again play a new game of "Quiz the Geek".