This Week in DVD

This Week in DVD: 2/14/2011

Not much of anything romantic on DVD this Valentine's Day (unless you count the family dynamic in the brilliant Take Shelter), but there are a pair of decent horror films, a drunken Johnny Depp, Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones arguing in a room for 90 minutes, and some pretty great philosophical discussions. Something for everyone! Except romantics.

This Week in DVD: 2/7/12

This week on DVD we go nose to nose with Lady and the Tramp, shot for shot in the Texas Killing Fields, word for word with Anonymous, and puff for puff with A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas.

This Week In DVD: 1/24/12

In our first weekly column about upcoming and current DVD and Blu-ray releases, we go toe to toe with boxing robots in Real Steel, ghosts in Paranormal Activity 3, cancer in 50/50, and sex traffickers in The Whistleblower.