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Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2014: Saving Face Review

Saving Face Winner of the Oscar for Best Documentary Short in 2012, Saving Face addresses one of Pakistan’s most horrific societal issues— the alarmingly frequent acid attacks on women. The shocking truth is that most of these attacks are being perpetrated by spouses or other close family members. The film follows the lives of acid-attack […]

Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2014: The Missing Picture Review

The Missing Picture Nominated this year for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars (but strangely not for Best Documentary, where it also could have been a contender) and winner of the Un Certain Regard prize at Cannes last year, Rithy Panh’s multimedia look at the devastation caused by the Khmer Rouge during the Kampuchea Revolution […]

Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2014: Highway of Tears Review

Highway of Tears Aside from the victims of high profile serial killer trial of Robert Pickton, more than 40 women and possibly hundreds more have gone missing along the tragically monikered Highway of Tears in Vancouver. Home to a large First Nations population still scarred from years of residential schooling abuse and a constantly acrimonious […]

Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2014: Big Men Review

Big Men “Everyone has the desire and drive to be well off in life,” or so says one of the subjects of Rachel Boynton’s fascinating, frightening, and multi-faceted look at the often corruptible and highly lucrative African oil trade. It’s a line said by a savvy investor who thinks he’s “movin’ on up like The […]

The Dork Shelf Guide to the Toronto Irish Film Festival

We take an overview of this year's Toronto Irish Film Festival (starting this Friday and running through Sunday at the TIFF Bell Lightbox) and review the delightful opening night documentary The Irish Pub and the not so delightful indie drama Made in Belfast.

Films in Brief: 2/16/14

Since all three of this week's major releases all press screened at the same night and time during the week, here now are our reviews of the smart and funny remake of About Last Night and the astoundingly and laughably awful Winter's Tale. Also, an explanation as to why we don't have new reviews for Endless Love or Gloria, we double back on last week's never press screened Vampire Academy, we a look at Pussy Riot: A Punk Rock Prayer, which was the only new film at the Bloor this week, a special sneak at The Bloor tonight, family day offerings at The Bloor and the TIFF Bell Lightbox, and a look ahead to a Lightbox retrospective of some of Jean-Luc Godard's favourite Hollywood films starting on Thursday.

TIFF Next Wave 2014: Leap 4 Your Life Review

Leap 4 Your Life The performing arts mockumentary is hardly a new or groundbreaking concept, but this entry into the genre courtesy of writer, producer, and actor Taylor Hill buzzes with energy, a lot of genuine laughs, and enough inspired silliness to make one briefly forget that its nothing audiences haven’t seen before. The low-rent […]

TIFF Next Wave 2014: Fly Colt Fly Review

Fly Colt Fly Blending interviews, archival news footage, animation, and staged recreations, this documentary look at one of the biggest folk hero criminals in American history does a fine job explaining how one teenager who posed a concern to many could become an icon to others. Filmmakers Andrew and Adam Gray look into the life […]

TIFF Next Wave 2014: A Birder’s Guide to Everything Review

A Birder’s Guide to Everything If one were to cross a low-key modern American indie with a 1980s coming of age road comedy, you would get something close to the amusing and thoughtful debut feature from Rob Meyer, A Birder’s Guide to Everything. Both a better breed of teen movie than audiences normally get and […]

TIFF Next Wave 2014: I Learn America Review

I Learn America Focusing on five recent immigrants, 3 in their senior year, at New York City’s International High School at Lafayette, Jean-Michel Dissard and Gitte Peng’s documentary I Learn America takes on the traditional adolescent growing pains, while focusing on the challenges of navigating a new culture and language. The filmmakers’ gain an impressive […]

TIFF Next Wave 2014: For No Eyes Only Review

For No Eyes Only A modern day retelling of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, For No Eyes Only takes the simple premise of the 1954 classic and applies it to present day. After breaking his leg in an indoor field hockey practice and stuck in his bedroom, Sam (Benedict Siverding) begins to pass time spying on […]

TIFF Next Wave 2014: Palo Alto Review

Palo Alto Based on James Franco’s book of short stories, Palo Alto immerses the audiences into the lives and experiences of a group of teenagers (Emma Roberts, Jack Kilmer and Nat Wolff) living in the California town of the same name as they try to determine who they are and what they want to do […]

Interview: Nate Wilson

We talk to teen filmmaker and last year's winner of the RBC/TIFF Next Wave 24 Hour Film Challenge winner Nate Wilson prior him meeting this year's competitors on Saturday's kick off about what kind of advice he would give to any teens interested in taking on the challenge this year, what the experience and the shoot was like last year, and how the competition makes him feel about his work today.