Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

Check Your Shelf:
June 2013

Hey fellow Dorks! I’ve been getting a lot of messages from community-minded Dork Shelfers who want to share their exciting new comics, upcoming events, and crowd-funding campaigns with the world. Here’s my round-up of the most exciting goodies for June 2013!

Interview: Noah Reid and Melanie Leishman

We talked to Noah Reid and Melanie Leishman, the leading actors behind the Canadian indie comedy Old Stock, about almost method acting in auditions, wearing sweater vests, dancing terribly, scooter envy, and creating likeably flawed characters. We also asked what they’re up to in the future, and talked to Leishman about the status of the Todd and the Book of Pure Evil animated film.

This Week in DVD: 4/3/12

This week, looks at several disappointing movies (Chasing Madoff, We Bought a Zoo, and The Son of No One) and one awesome Canadian TV show (Todd and the Book of Pure Evil), while Corey Atad waxes rhapsodic about the virtues of Spielberg's War Horse.

Todd & the Book of Pure Evil Season Finale

If you’re one of the many people who think Canadian TV is crappy, maybe it’s time you stop tuning in to Little Mosque on the Prairie and start watching SPACE network’s Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. This home-grown Canuck series finishes off tonight with an hour long bound to be epic season finale and believe us, this show is worth watching.