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TIFF 2022: EO Review

Enduring hardship and strife, as well as kind words and attention along the way, EO’s journey is a beautiful, maddening, sentimental, heartbreaking, and humourous one. Plus, there’s a top-notch cameo from Isabelle Huppert!

Horizon Forbidden West Review

Horizon Forbidden West is the rare sequel that not only improves on every mechanic but also creates a lived-in world full of danger and wonder in every corner. This year's first must-play is here.

Games and Streaming: When Two Worlds Collide

Video streaming blasted into the mainstream shortly after YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006. Until then, there were a few services offering video streaming from the web – most notably, a pioneer in the area launched in 2001. But Google spending more than $1.6 billion on a service pretty much unknown to the […]


Watch our non-gamer review of what happens when you plug your fancy new Xbox Series X into what's still in our hearts a giant movie screen: the LG 77OLEDCX television.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – The Midgar Minute: The Collapse

The Final Fantasy VII Remake covers only the opening prologue of the 1997 original game, leaving some to wonder whether it will have the same emotional height as the full story. It succeeds in spades, by taking an early tragic moment and magnifying it to the level of a war crime.