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New Scribblenauts Trailer

We here at Dork Shelf are very excited about Scribblenauts.  The puzzle-based side-scroller for the Nintendo DS was incredibly well received at E3, and has been generating buzz ever since.  What makes Scribblenauts unique, is that nearly any object the player can think of can be generated just by writing it down on the touch screen; […]

Sam Raimi Directing World of Warcraft Film

Variety is reporting that Sam Raimi; the man who brought us the Evil Dead and Spider-Man films, has signed on to direct a film adaptation of World of Warcraft for WB.  This will be Raimi’s next project after Spider-Man 4, so don’t expect to see Warcraft on the big screen any time soon.  It’s exciting […]

What a Wonderful Left4Dead

We’re big fans of Valve’s Left 4 Dead here at Dork Shelf.  YouTube user monkeyjunkie (one of the responsible for the Half-Life remake Black Mesa) put together a little machinima based on L4D set to the timeless music of Louis Armstrong.  Do yourself a favour and watch the HD version. Also, make sure to check […]

Left 4 Deader

Ellis.  Nick.  Coach.  Rochelle. New survivors or fresh meat?  With Left 4 Dead 2 shipping at a prospective date of Christmas ’09, it’s time to break out your posse, load your paranoia, and automatic-ify those shotguns to quell the zombie hordes once more.  And sweet damn it’s about time!  After all, the sheets of my […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic Behind-the-Scenes Video

BioWare and LucasArts have released a behind-the-scenes video for their upcoming massively multiplayer role playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic.  The new video showcases actual gameplay for the first time, and gives an behind-the-scenes look at the recording of dialogue for the game. After playing EVE Online and Age of Conan, I promised myself […]

Living with First-Person Shooter Disease

IGN recently posted a short documentary about a little known genetic disorder that effects certain people: Duke Nukem’s disease. This is Gene’s story. Thanks to John Mackin for the hlink.

Video Games: An Animation

This amazing video was meant to be the introduction to an aborted documentary about video game addiction.  Vimeo user MUSCLEBEAVER created the animation to show the evolution of video games, from Pong to the modern day. Featuring nods to everything from Space Invaders, Super Mario Bros. 3, Escape from Monkey Island, Doom and Street Fighter […]

Command & Conquer 4 Announced

Electronic Arts recently announced Command & Conquer 4, the latest sequel to their popular real-time strategy franchise.  The game is set in C&C’s Tiberium universe; which fans know means that not only will the GDI and NOD factions be back, but so will the franchise’s most well known character, Kane.  The good news is Joe […]

New MechWarrior Game Revealed

Vancouver based Piranha Games revealed a trailer for their MechWarrior reboot currently under development.  The developers plan to take the MechWarrior series back to its action-simulation roots and away from the arcade-y feel of previous Battletech titles like MechAssault.  I must say this trailer looks promising, and I’m happy to hear the game will be […]

Ubisoft to Open Toronto Studio

French developer Ubisoft announced plans to open a major game development studio in Toronto.  Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat; who will head the new Toronto studio, held a press conference earlier today with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty to make the announcement.  The provincial government is set to invest $263 million over 10 years with Ubisoft […]

Fallout 2 Live Action Role-Playing in Russia

An abandoned air base outside of Leningrad, Russia played host to more than 300 Russian Fallout fans last month.  The live-action role players recreated post-apocalyptic world of the 1998 Black Isle video game Fallout 2, complete with Brotherhood of Steel Knights, ghouls and even an issue of Cat’s Paw Magazine. The time and effort these […]

What if Street Fighter II was Real?

Most people have played the arcade/Super Nintendo classic Street Fighter II at some point in their life.  Do you remember that weird bonus stage where the player was given a time limit to basically beat the crap out of car? I always thought it was really weird; but Japanese games have always been weird so […]

id Software Bought by ZeniMax

Kotaku just broke the news that legendary First Person Shooter developer id Software will be purchased by ZeniMax, parent company of RPG developer Bethesda Softworks.  The merger of id Software; the company that created the likes of Doom and Wolfenstein, and Bethesda Softworks; the studio behind Fallout 3 and the Elder Scrolls games, is huge […]

Doubt: The Video Game

Movie tie-in games are a dime a dozen: They are often quickly and cheaply produced, which more often than not results in a terrible finished product. Perhaps if more developers were willing to take a chance and create games based on Oscar nominated films like Doubt, movie tie-in titles wouldn’t have such a bad reputation.  […]