White House Down

Blu-Ray Round Up: 11/4/13

This week brings looks at some leftover spooks, 'splosions, and some romance as we transition from Halloween in to the deeper recesses of fall. We look at Roland Emmerich's latest blockbuster White House Down, John Carpenter's underrated In the Mouth of Madness, James's Wan's surprise megahit The Conjuring, Richard Linklater's trilogy capping Before Midnight, and Neil Jordan's unjustly slept-on Byzantium.

White House Down Review

White House Down is both vastly better than this year's other President-in-peril flick and about as goofy and endearingly silly as one would expect from director Roland Emmerich, delivering his best all around work since Independence Day. You know, that other movie that destroyed the White House.

Interview: Anthony Lemke

We sit down with Canadian actor Anthony Lemke, star of the Space airing mini-series Exploding Sun (who will also be seen later this month in the blockbuster-to-be White House Down) about what makes disaster movies special, what it takes to credibly sound like an astrophysicist, and if people still recognize him as RoboCop's son,