Zal Batmanglij

The OA Review: Beguiling Frustration

Netflix's new original series The OA is part sci-fi, part fantasy, and a whole lot of mystery. The show has all the makings of the next big streaming hit, but is that enough?

The East Review

The East is the kind of film that says a lot more with a whisper then it does with a scream, and while people may not be able to look past what the film’s ultimate message, in it’s quieter moments all of the emotional punches hit their marks.

Interview: Brit Marling & Ellen Page

We sit down with writer and actress Brit Marling and Canada's own Ellen Page to talk about their work on the new thriller The East, the importance of a strong sense of family, how much preparation went into to playing anarchists, the semantics behind dumpster diving, the best way to make a subversive narrative, and the real inspiration behind some of the ideas shared in the film.

Sound of My Voice Review

The twisty sci-fi tinged mystery Sound of My Voice raises as many questions as it does answers, and despite a great performance from co-writer Brit Marling as an enigmatic cult leader, viewer enjoyment hinges on the ability to deal with large amounts of ambiguity well.