Team Fortress 2 is Now Free To Play!

Everyone’s favourite “war-themed hat simulator,” Team Fortress 2, released its “Uber Update” yesterday. Aside from bringing a lot of improvements and additions to the 2007 first person shooter, the game’s developers have announced that it will shift to a free-to-play model which is driven by micro-transactions.

The game has seen a decided shift in the tone since the September 2010 “Mann-Conomy” update, which allowed users to purchase in-game items that had previously only been attainable by random drops or item crafting. The model must have been successful, as jumping to an entirely micro-transaction-based model is no small change.

Developer Valve also released another one of its “Meet The Class” videos, this time focusing on the Medic. As always, it’s amazing to see what those guys can cook up with a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of time at the machinima board. You can view the video below!

Matt Demers is a Toronto columnist who writes for a number of places around the Internet, including Dork Shelf. You can follow him on Twitter and Tumblr. His steam username is “demersmr.”

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