The Beguiling Presents – Cartoonist Marc-Antoine Mathieu: In Conversation

The Beguiling, Canada’s finest purveyor of comics and graphic novels, is proud to team with L’Alliance Francaise de Toronto to welcome cartooning genius Marc-Antoine Mathieu to Toronto. Mathieu is a much-celebrated and award-winning writer-artist who has given speeches and presentations around the world, at diverse locations including comics festivals, galleries, and even CERN, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, located in Geneva, Switzerland. The complexity and the often elliptical structure of his work has led some to call him “The M.C. Escher of comics,” and the author will be in Toronto as part of a larger cultural exchange and speaking tour sponsored by the French Consulate, with support from l’Alliance Français de Toronto.

While Marc-Antoine Mathieu’s work available in English-language translation numbers just 2 graphic novels, they are influential and very well-regarded by those in the know… Mathieu’s Dead Memory is an evocative treatise on modern life—the literal and metaphorical walls that we put up to define ourselves and society, told in a dizzying and claustrophobic style. Mathieu’s most recent work in English is The Museum Vaults, a collaboration with the Louvre Museum (yes, that Louvre) that is no less a mediation on the nature of art and life itself. The Museum Vaults is a tour-de-force graphic novel, full of humour and wit, pointed observation and beautifully illustrated too. It’s a work that has drawn rave reviews, with Publishers Weekly calling it “A Kafkaesque catalogue of paradoxes,” and Booklist describing it as “Very droll, highly delightful.”

Mathieu will be interviewed on stage by The Beguiling’s Peter Birkemoe in French with simultaneous English translation. A moderated Q&A and signing/dédicace session will follow. A selection of French and English-language graphic novels by Marc-Antoine Mathieu are currently available at The Beguiling, and will be available for sale at the event.

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