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The Best Sherlock Holmes Smartphone Games

There’s no denying the incredible success of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. Since 1887, the world’s most famous consulting detective has appeared in over forty movies – and with the third Guy Ritchie instalment on the horizon, there’s bound to be another rise in the fictional character’s fame.

Alas, not even Sherlock Holmes has managed to successfully transition into every single media platform. Though the character appears in books, on television and on the big screen, one area he is yet to rule over is gaming. More specifically, smartphone games. That said, there are a couple of options for Sherlock fans who want to game on the go. Take a look at our list below to find out which Sherlock Holmes app games are actually worth playing:

Hidden Objects: Detective Sherlock Holmes

Considering the iPhone app store went live on July 10, 2008, Hidden Objects: Detective Sherlock Holmes is probably one of the oldest games still available on the store. Published by Crisp App Studio in 2010, this game offers everything a fan of hidden objects games could ever want all within the Sherlock Holmes universe.

Throughout the game, players must help Sherlock and his assistant Dr Watson by finding the clues hidden within different rooms. Some of these clues may be a little unusual (we’re not sure how pizza and alarm clocks help to solve mysteries) but hey, we’re not iconic detectives. The best thing about this game? Everything is entirely free, there isn’t a single in-app purchases to navigate.


Sherlock: Murdered To Death

As the only Sherlock Holmes app game we could find that doesn’t fall within the Hidden Object genre, Sherlock: Murdered To Death really stands out. Developed by InTouch Games and published by mFortune, this title is actually a slot with 5 reels, 15 win lines and a progressive Jackpot.

Not only do our favourite characters appear throughout the main game itself, but there are also two mini-games that fans are sure to enjoy. New customers at mFortune receive a no-deposit bonus so you can play Sherlock: Murdered To Death without having to spend a penny. For those who decide to play for real cash, spins cost as little as 2p and the site even accepts deposits by phone bill.

Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles

While this game may not have been updated since late 2012, it still has plenty to offer fans of Sherlock Holmes. Though this is another observational game, Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles more than makes up for what Hidden Objects: Detective Sherlock Holmes lacked in plot.

Players must accompany Sherlock and Dr Watson to the legendary Baskerville Hall where Charles Baskerville has been brutally struck down by an ancient curse. To crack the case you must find those pesky hidden clues before another murder can occur. The gameplay is undeniably captivating as the suspense surrounding the mysterious curse continues to build, which may even prompt you to go a step further and purchase the full game. However, if you can’t see yourself making that sort of commitment, you can always stick with our first pick.


We hope that at some point in the future, app game developers will start creating more Sherlock-themed games, but until then at least we have these three to keep us occupied. In fact, they might even keep us busy until the next season of Sherlock.

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