The Dork Shelf Guide to TIFF 2014

It is finally upon us. The biggest cinematic event of the Canadian calendar year, the 39th annual Toronto International Film Festival kicks off this Thursday, September 4th and runs through Sunday the 14th, bringing to the city ten days of celebrities, industry hobnobbing, heavy drinking, lavish special events and parties, and most importantly, 393 films from all over the world.

With 143 world premieres, the festival hardly seems hurting after its gauntlet throwing that stated films that show during the first four days couldn’t be shown anywhere else, a clear dig at the American Telluride festival that tended to unknowingly sneak world premieres away from the festival in past years.

Your Festival

Opening this year with The Judge, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall, and closing with A Little Chaos – directed by Alan Rickman and starring Kate Winslet – there’s no shortage of star power to bookend this year’s line up. There are also plenty of chances to catch cutting edge pieces of world cinema, shorts, glorious works of art in the Wavelengths and Special Projections programs, chow down on genre fare in Midnight Madness and Vanguard, catch some films with the family in TIFF Kids or through one of the teen approved Next Wave selections, or just take a chance on some good old Canadian cinema.

That last one is particularly appealing this year with a lot of first time filmmakers making the important leap to features, and many of them are homegrown. Stay tuned throughout the week as we talk to some of these filmmakers in a special focus on up and coming talent. We’ll also be chatting with a couple of the TIFF film and industry programmers throughout the festival to find out what’s been catching their eye.

And of course, we’ll be reviewing as much as we can throughout the festival here at this one stop hub (or portal, or whatever you want to call it) that will be updated multiple times throughout the day! Posts designated as *NEW* have been added within the past 24 hours.

We would also like to give a hearty thanks to the great folks at SPiN Toronto for sponsoring our coverage this year. Be sure to check them out and grab a drink, some food, and unwind with some ping pong right near the festival’s ground zero area.

SPiN TORONTO - A Ping Pong Social Club

Thanks to SPiN TORONTO for sponsoring our TIFF 2014 coverage.

And now without further ado, here is your Dork Shelf Guide to TIFF 2014.

For more information about TIFF, tickets, venues, and a full list of films playing at this year’s festival, please visit TIFF.NET.


’71 – Discovery (Zack Kotzer)

99 Homes – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

*NEW* Adult Beginners – Discovery (Dave Voigt)

Alleluia – Vanguard (Phil Brown)

Backcountry – Discovery (Andrew Parker)

Bang Bang Baby – Discovery (Andrew Parker)

Beats of the Antonov – TIFF Docs (Cameron Bryant)

*NEW* Before We Go – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

Beyond the Lights – Special Presentations (Dave Voigt)

Big Game – Midnight Madness (Andrew Parker)

Big Muddy – Discovery (Dave Voigt)

Black and White – Gala (Andrew Parker)

Boychoir – Gala (Andrew Parker)

Breathe – Contemporary World Cinema (Dave Voigt)

Cake – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

*NEW* Charlie’s Country – Contemporary World Cinema (Dave Voigt)

Clouds of Sils Maria – Special Presentations (Elena Lowe)

The Cobbler – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

Coming Home – Special Presentations (Dave Voigt)

The Connection – Gala (Phil Brown)

Corbo – Discovery (Jenna Hossack)

Cut Bank – Contemporary World Cinema (Andrew Parker)

*NEW* The Drop – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

The Duke of Burgundy – Vanguard (Zack Kotzer)

The Editor – Midnight Madness (Andrew Parker)

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films – Midnight Madness (Andrew Parker)

Elephant Song – Special Presentations (Zack Kotzer)

An Eye for Beauty – Special Presentations (Dave Voigt)

The Forger – Gala (Andrew Parker)

Foxcatcher – Gala (Andrew Parker)

The Good Lie – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

Good Kill – Special Presentations (Noah R. Taylor)

The Guest – Midnight Madness (Andrew Parker)

Guidance – Discovery (Noah R. Taylor)

Haemoo – Gala (Phil Brown)

A Hard Day – City to City (Zack Kotzer)

Hector and the Search for Happiness – Special Presentations (Zack Kotzer)

Heartbeat – Contemporary World Cinema (Andrew Parker)

The Humbling – Special Presentations (Phil Brown)

Hyena – Vanguard (Zack Kotzer)

I am Here – TIFF Docs (Kirk Haviland)

The Imitation Game – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

Infinitely Polar Bear – Gala (Andrew Parker)

In Her Place – Discovery (Andrew Parker)

It Follows – Midnight Madness (Andrew Parker)

The Judge – Gala/Opening Night Film (Andrew Parker)

*NEW* Kill Me Three Times – Contemporary World Cinema (Dave Voigt)

The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness – TIFF Docs (Dave Voigt)

The Last Five Years – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

Letters to Max – Wavelengths (Cameron Bryant)

Leviathan – Masters (Noah R. Taylor)

A Little Chaos – Gala/Closing Night Film (Andrew Parker)

*NEW* The Look of Silence – TIFF Docs (Andrew Parker)

Luna – Vanguard (Zack Kotzer)

Merchants of Doubt – TIFF Docs (Elena Lowe)

Maps to the Stars – Gala (Phil Brown)

Men Who Save the World – Contemporary World Cinema (Jenna Hossack)

Men, Women, & Children – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

Mommy – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

Mr. Turner – Special Presentations (Dave Voigt)

National Gallery – TIFF Docs (Andrew Parker)

The Narrow Frame of Midnight Discovery (Cameron Bryant)

*NEW* Ned Rifle – Special Presentations (Cameron Bryant)

Nightcrawler – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

Over Your Dead Body – Vanguard (Phil Brown)

Pasolini – Special Presentations (Phil Brown)

A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence – Masters (Zack Kotzer)

Preggoland – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

The Price We Pay – TIFF Docs (Andrew Parker)

Pride – Special Presentations (Jenna Hossack)

[REC] 4: Apocalypse – Midnight Madness (Dave Voigt)

Red Army – TIFF Docs (Andrew Parker)

Revenge of the Green Dragons – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

The Riot Club – Gala (Phil Brown)

*NEW* Roger Waters The Wall – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

Rosewater – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

Samba – Gala (Elena Lowe)

Seymour: An Introduction – TIFF Docs (Cameron Bryant)

Songs She Wrote About People She Knows – Discovery (Andrew Parker)

Spring – Vanguard (Andrew Parker)

St. Vincent Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

Tales of the Grim Sleeper – TIFF Docs (Phil Brown)

Teen Lust – Contemporary World Cinema (Noah R. Taylor)

The Theory of Everything – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

They Have Escaped – Vanguard (Cameron Bryant)

Time Out of Mind – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

Tokyo Tribe – Midnight Madness (Dave Voigt)

Top Five – Special Presentations (Phil Brown)

Trick or Treaty? – Masters (Elena Lowe)

Tusk – Midnight Madness (Andrew Parker)

Two Days, One Night – Special Presentations (Noah R. Taylor)

Two Shots Fired – Contemporary World Cinema (Zack Kotzer)

The Valley Below – Discovery (Cameron Bryant)

Tu Dors Nicole – Contemporary World Cinema (Dave Voigt)

The Vanished Elephant – Discovery (Kirk Haviland)

*NEW* The Voices – Vanguard (Zack Kotzer)

The Wanted 18 – TIFF Docs (Cameron Bryant)

Waste Land – Vanguard (Andrew Parker)

Wet Bum – Discovery (Andrew Parker)

We Were Wolves – Discovery (Jenna Hossack)

Wild – Gala (Dave Voigt)

Wild Tales – Special Presentations (Zack Kotzer)

*NEW* Winter Sleep – Masters (Elena Lowe)

What We Do in the Shadows – Midnight Madness (Phil Brown)

While We’re Young – Special Presentations (Phil Brown)

Whiplash – Special Presentations (Andrew Parker)

The Yes Men Are Revolting – TIFF Docs (Cameron Bryant)


Short Cuts Canada Reviews

Program 1 (Andrew Parker)

Program 2 (Andrew Parker)

Program 3 (Andrew Parker)

Program 4 (Noah R. Taylor)

Program 5 (Noah R. Taylor)

Program 6 (Noah R. Taylor)


Short Cuts International Reviews

Program 1 (Kirk Haviland)

Program 2 (Kirk Haviland)

Program 3 (Kirk Haviland)

Program 4 (Kirk Haviland)

Program 5 (Kirk Haviland)


Wavelengths Short Programs

Wavelengths 1: Open Forms (Cameron Bryant)

Wavelengths 2: Something in the Atmosphere (Cameron Bryant)

Wavelengths 3: Tales Told (Cameron Bryant)

Wavelengths 4: Night Noon (Cameron Bryant)



Juliette Binoche – Mavericks Session Highlights (Cameron Bryant)

Colin Geddes – TIFF Programmer – Midnight Madness/Vanguard (Andrew Parker)

Jeffrey St. Jules – Director – Bang Bang Baby (Andrew Parker)

Adam MacDonald – Director – Backcountry (Andrew Parker)

Dave McKean – Director – Luna (Zack Kotzer)

SPiN TORONTO - A Ping Pong Social Club

Thanks to SPiN TORONTO for sponsoring our TIFF 2014 coverage.

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